Mountable wall Canvas Keeper

Pick The Model For YOU!

This Table Model for smaller ones also mounts on the wall!
Canvas Keeper was designed with sturdy wheels


Sturdy casters let you roll the Floor Model wherever is most convenient!

Handles Any Size with Ease!

The Floor Model holds up to 12 Gallery or 24 Studio-sized canvases, or a combo of both, of practically any dimensions!

The Canvas Keeper's patented design is revolutionary!

Until now, there wasn't an organizer capable of easily holding both Gallery and Studio-sized canvases of practically any dimensions separately so you can select the one you'd like to work on without rifling through a pile! In the video, the inventor demonstrates the amazing variety of canvases the Canvas Keeper can hold.

Floor Model

Wall Mount

Table Top w/ Mount

Tired of stacking and leaning canvases all over your house, classroom or studio? Dryden Art and Canvas Keepers are the solution you've been dreaming of! These convenient, sturdy, lightweight steel racks are the ideal solution for any studio that needs organizational help — and they're also great for bringing to shows! Perfect for storing canvas, panels, pads, drawing boards, framed and matted art and more, Dryden Art and Canvas Keepers are the ideal art organizers for home studios, galleries, schools and museums.