The Simple Yet Revolutionary Concept

Like most obsessed inventors, Mack tried dozens of designs before he realized a couple of interesting facts:

  1. A stretched canvas only needs to be supported on two sides to stand upright.
  2. A Gallery-sized canvas is 1 3/8″ thick, and two Studio-sized canvases together are 1 1/2″ (or 1 4/8″) thick. So a slot only a 16th of an inch wider would hold them both!

Several other features make Canvas Keepers unique:

  1. They’re light (Floor Model is 7 lbs, Table Model only 2.5 lbs.), both portable and take up little space.
  2. Floor Model can accommodate up to 12 Gallery sized canvases (1 3/8″ thick), or 24 Studio sized canvases (3/4″ thick), not to mention a ton of other flat items like drawing pads and cutting boards–and you don’t have to move anything else to grab the item you want!
  3. The Floor Model holds canvases of practically any dimensions, even six-footers. You’re limited only by the space you have in the room.
  4. Use them to conveniently transport canvases to shows or galleries without stacking them!
  5. They don’t cost an arm and a leg! The Floor Model is about $120, the Table Model $50, both for $160, plus shipping.

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Watch a 90-second demonstration of its unique features.